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Craig Bisgeier

Prototype: Housatonic Railroad
Layout: The 1892 Housatonic Railroad
Scale: HO
Era: 1892
Mainline run: 6+ scale miles
Control system: NCE DCC with radio throttles
Dispatching method: TT&TO
Communications: FRS Radio
Crew size: 16
Operating positions:
- Dispatcher
- Operator
- Wilsons Point yardmaster
- Wlisons Point yard crew
- Dock Yard yardmaster
- Dock Yard yard crew
- Hawleyville yardmaster
- Hawleyville yard crew
- Active Staging manager
- Active Staging crew
- 6 Road Crews


The Housatonic is an HO Scale, double-decked point-to-point prototype layout modeling the part of the the route between New Milford, CT and South Norwalk, CT in 1892. Built in a basement 36' x 25' with almost 400 feet of single-track mainline, 6+ scale miles. Approx. 10% scenicked, mainline 100% complete. Features live staging with a a mole operator and three small active staging yards at different points on the layout. Operating positions include Dispatcher, Operator, Active Staging Agents (2), Two classification yards (2 persons each) and one rail/marine yard (2 persons). Road crew positions for 6-7 persons which include passenger trains, through freights, local turns and some short freight runs into and out of several active interchanges. A full session runs 35-40 trains in a 3-4 hour period.
Operation scheme is Timetable and Train Order under fast clock (2:1) in dark territory, train registers, FRS Radios for Crew / Operator communication (OS reports only). Control system is NCE DCC with Wireless and WiFi Smartphone Throttle support. Waybill-only car forwarding (similar to CC&WB). Route maps and timetables provided with train instructions, extensive signage on fascia. One duck-under to reach mole staging area. No handicapped access to basement. Operations are purposeful, in a relatively disciplined but casual atmosphere. Please bring NCE throttles and FRS radios if you have them.

Craig Bisgeier's Housatonic Railroad





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