John Rogers

Prototype: Sandy River and Rangely Lakes and the Maine Central
Layout: 1/4 inch scale 2 foot and standard gauge in Northern Maine.
Scale: On2
Era: 1923

Mainline run: 4 1/2 scale miles
Control system: NCE
Dispatching method: TT&TO
Communications: Ops OS to DS
Crew size: 17-19
Operating positions:
- Dispatcher
- Operators
- Road Crew


It is 1923 in Franklin County Maine.  The wood products industry that was to reason for the creation of the 2 foot railroad is still an active economic force.  There have been some cutbacks but Carrabassett has a plywood mill under construction and so far, the line still runs all the way to Bigelow where the saw mills, while at reduced capacity are still in operation. 
The “Rangeley” the only parlor car to ride on the two foot wide rails is still taking eager vacationers to their summer destinations on Maine’s famous Rangeley Lake.  Fishing is excellent and in the fall big game hunters still step off the tiny coaches and into the woods on a regular basis.
The Sandy River, as we still call it, in spite of the official name being changed to the Sandy River and Rangelely Lakes after the 1908 consolidation of two foot railroads provides full common carrier service to the county and a connection in Farmington with the standard gauge Maine Central.  Here in Farmington one can arrive or depart twice daily to and from Portland and beyond. 
Diminutive 2 foot steam locos whistle off at departure next to goliath sized Pacifics of the parent Maine Central Railroad.  Heading north on the Sandy River train crews have multiple station stops, register points, crossing to blow for and other trains to account for by timetable and train order.  Going south on the MEC is a less complex operation but there are still meets to make, set outs and pick ups to accomplish and a schedule to keep.  The Sandy River uses 2 man road crews to keep track of all the action and enjoy the scenery in a more relaxed way than a single engineer would find comfortable.  We have a dispatcher, 2 operators, 2 yardmasters and 11 engineer and or conductor positions.  Duties are rotated depending on the desires of guest operators. 

John Rogers' Sandy River and Rangely Lakes and the Maine Central



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