Perry Squier

Prototype: Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad
Scale: HO
Era: 1923

Mainline run: 6 1/2 scale miles
Control system: NCE DCC with radio throttles
Dispatching method: TT&TO
Communications: Telephones
Crew size: 13-19
Operating positions:
- Dispatcher
- Operators
- St. Marys YM
- St. Marys yard crew
- St. Marys hostler
- Angelica YM
- Local industries switcher
- Interchange and Wayland branch crew
- Road crews


The Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern RR was organized in 1899 and went into receivership in 1905 lasting until 1947 making it the longest receivership of any american company in history!
I model the period of fall, 1923 when it had a relatively healthy year. Coal orders were heavy, the celery crop was good, the democrats were getting their beer even though it was prohibition time, and they still had those little 4-4-0's and 2-6-0's along with all the consolidations.
For additional photos and information see the 2009 issue of Great Model Railroads.

Perry Squire's Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad



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