Ted Pamperin

Prototype: Chesapeake & Ohio and Manns Creek RR
Layout: C&O New River Division and Manns Creek Narrow Gauge

Scale: HO
Era: 1943
Layout Size: 15' x 40'
Control system: NCE DCC
Dispatching method: TT&TO
Communications: Ops OS to DS
Crew size: 14
- Dispatcher
- Operators 2
- Yard Masters 2
- Yard Crew 5
- Road Crew 5
Handicap accessibility Yes

Layout Description:

November, 1943
The war rages on, but Allied forces are advancing, on land, on sea and in the air. Always attacking, day and night, they relentlessly pound the Axis nations, marching towards victory. But the cost has been high, and the final day of triumph is still a long way off.
Meanwhile, back on the home front, everyone is pitching in; including America's mighty railroads, and the Chesapeake and Ohio is no exception.
The C&O, having recently completed a massive upgrading and rebuilding program, is now in prime shape to do its part for the war effort, all while continuing to help serve the nation's domestic needs.
From the coal mines of West Virginia to the ports in Hampton Roads, from the great cities of the Midwest to the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., from farms and factories in hundreds of towns across ten states, each and every day the railroad transports almost unimaginable quantities of food, raw materials and finished goods, along with thousands of passengers.
The dedicated men and women of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway are committed to meet the incredible transportation challenges of today and will continue to meet those challenges in the future.
The C&O New River Division has been created to replicate the operations across selected elements of the prototype railroad between Hawks Nest WV and Alleghany VA during late autumn 1943.  Also modeled is the Mann’s Creek NG railroad serving Clifftop and Landisburg WV and its interchange with the C&O at Sewell WV.


C&O New River Division Photos by Ted Pamperin



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