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Tony Koester

Prototype: Nickel Plate Road
Layout: St. Louis Div. Frankfort, Ind.-Charleston, Ill.
Scale: HO
Era: 1954

Mainline run: 8 scale miles
Control system: NCE DCC with radio throttles
Dispatching method: TT&TO
Communications: Ops OS to DS
Crew size: 17-19
Operating positions:
- Dispatcher
- Two operators
- Two-person road crews
- Frankfort eastbound and westbound yardmasters
- Frankfort roundhouse foreman/hostler
- Frankfort Commercial engine
- Charleston yardmaster
- Charleston roundhouse foreman/hostler/industrial engine
- General freight agent/interchange crew/crew caller
- Joint Toledo/Sandusky/Peoria Div. staging

Tony Koester's St. Louis Div. Frankfort, Ind. Charleston, Ill.



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